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Reflections on 2012

2012 brought some really amazing memories.  A lot happened this year so, similar to my Summer Reflections post, this one is on the entire year.  It’s kind of funny because sometimes I feel like day by day nothing goes on.  I feel like time goes by so slow until all of a sudden you sit and think, wow time went by so fast.  It can get confusing.  Regardless, when I look back on 2012, I’d say I had a wonderful year.

Here is my list of 12 amazing things that happened in 2012!  Enjoy! ;)

  1. I usually go out with friends for New Years since Jimmy has to work, but when it came time to ring in 2012, I decided to stay home.  It worked out great though, because Jimmy got him 15 minutes before the clock struck 12am and we had our first ever New Years Kiss!
  2. I did quite a bit of snowboarding, but probably my favorite trip was when we ran into my friend Tim on the mountain!  We ended up staying at his now fiance’s house for the night and it was so much fun!IMG_6904
  3. I threw Jimmy the best 30th birthday party anyone could ask for.  I rented a ski house and invited all of his friends up for a surprise party!  Jimmy was definitely surprised and we had a wonderful weekend!jimmy's 30th
  4. We moved into a new and beautiful apartment
  5. I got $100 on a random Friday for Feel Good Friday!IMG_0449
  6. I started running!!! – Best decision EVER and Ran my FIRST half marathon!!Half Marathon
  7. I got engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG_0488
  8. I went to Tanzania with my fiance to visit my best friend!

    Jimmy and I in our safari gear ready to see some animals!

    Jimmy and I in our safari gear ready to see some animals!

  9. I did flying Trapeze Twice!Trapeze017
  10. I got to be a Bridesmaid in my friend Ashley’s wedding!Ashley and Bridesmaids
  11. I finally got my fiance to take me hiking for my birthday!

    On Top of the Fire Tower

    On Top of the Fire Tower

  12. I started this Amazing Blog! Running Quote 2

So here is to 2012 and all the wonderful amazing things that this year brought to me.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2013 and all the crazy adventures it will bring! :)

What was your favorite memory from 2012? Mine was definitely getting engaged to the love of my life! :)

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  1. Sounds like an amazing 2012 with a couple things that will change the rest of your life (engaged and running)!
    And that’s a great 30th birthday idea! (My hubby is turning 30 this year and I have NO idea what to do!)
    I think my favourite memory was finishing Ironman Canada and a couple of our holidays.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like an awesome 2012 :) I hope 2013 is even better for you guys!

  3. um you have had one pretty amazing year!

  4. oooh yay! what a GREAT recap of your year to catch me up on your life :D Congrats on moving in together, the engagement and a great year!

    Happy New Year!

  5. Wow! Sounds like you had an awesome 2012! The surprise birthday party in the mountains sounds like a blast. What an awesome party! My friends and I used to rent cabins in Gatlinburg, TN during the winter and it was always so much fun. Here’s to an awesome 2013!!

  6. Sounds like a great year! I’d love to try the trapeze… was it scary??

  7. Sounds like a great 2012! Onward and upward to the new year! :)

  8. Great post! Looks like you had a busy year. Hope 2013 treats you the same!

  9. What a wonderful year for you! Getting engaged, Tanzania, snowboarding, running and trapeze! Amazing!

  10. TALK about a big year!!! holy flip…congrats on ur engagement and u two are just way too cute!! i can only imagine 2013 will be even more sweet. :)
    also have to give major shout outs to u starting running…best sport ever and has really shaped me as a person too.


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