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Hot Chocolate 10-K Race Recap

Okay, I have a confession.  I didn’t actually run the full 10-K race.  I blame it 100% on Jenna.  Thanks to no traffic on this Sunday morning Jimmy and I actually arrived an hour and a half early.  I picked up our race packets, had some breakfast and coffee, it was great.  I was getting into race mode.  I waited near the subway station for Jenna.  Then I waited some more, and waited some more.  At about 10:15am she finally arrived (note: the race began at 10:00am).  At this point we didn’t even know where the starting line was, so we sort of just cheated and hopped into the race about 1 mile in.  Shhhh, don’t tell anyone! ;) We made it more of a fun run rather than a serious race, which in the end worked out great for me since I was nervous about pushing it because of my knee issues.

Jenna running along the East River

Jenna running along the East River

Despite the fact that I didn’t actually run this as a “race,” overall I really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it much more than I expected to.  The race was put on by NYCRUNS.  It was a much smaller race than others I have done in the past.  There wasn’t a ton of course support (only one water station), but it didn’t seem to bother me.  The course basically did 2 loops around the island, so you got incredible views of the water the entire time.

Queensboro bridge near the halfway mark

Queensboro bridge near the halfway mark

We had some great weather for the race also.  There was some rain in the morning, but it cleared up by the time the race started.  The temp was around 45 degrees, which to me is perfect running weather.  IMG_1928

After the race, you got a souvenir mug for hot chocolate, much better than another race shirt!

I also got to meet up with Carrie form Fitness and Frozen Grapes Blog after the run!  If you haven’t already, definitely go check out Carrie’s blog!  She is currently training for the NYC Triathlon, which is something that is on my bucket list!


Carrie and I after the race!

While I don’t have a PR to share with you all or any kind of time for that matter, I still had an amazing run.  I’m happy I did it and I’m now more motivated than ever to get back out there!  I would definitely do this race again and if you are in the area, you should check it out if they do it next year!

Finished! Sort of.. and yes, I realize I have my headband on upside down- get over it! :)

Finished! Sort of.. and yes, I realize I have my headband on upside down- get over it! :)

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  1. I love that you guys got a mug! :D ahhhh, I’d love to do that run and check out the views that way! Glad it was fun!

  2. man this race sounds awesome, so jealous you got to meet some fellow bloggers

  3. That looks like a pretty course! Ehh, it’s OK you didn’t get to run the whole thing. Glad you had fun and took home some cool swag! Love your neon-colored headband, by the way. =]

  4. Hey, enjoying it is for me important than anything else, but are you kidding, 45 degrees, I’d have hypothermia!

  5. I loved finally meeting you IRL, Julie! Hope to see you at future NYCRUNS/NYC races! :D

  6. Jan 26 NYC RUNS will have another Hot Chocolate race, in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Watch out for them hills!

    I most likely will volunteer for the event, to earn a free race entry.

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