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NYC Marathon Debate

Apologies for those who have heard enough about this whole debate, I just can’t help expressing my feelings on the whole thing.  The thing is, the NYC Marathon is a race that I dream of running myself.  At the same time.  I know that if I were signed up to run this year, I would not be running.

I understand that the race could be good for businesses.  I also understand that people have trained for months and are coming from all over the world.  On the other hand I think that it is completely ridiculous to be handing out water to runners when there are people who are still without running water or electricity.  I think that it is incredibly selfish of those people to take up resources from people who really do need it.  It is only a race and there are thousands of marathons that go on every year.  Run a different one, at a different time.  Why should we be handing out water to runners when people who live here don’t have any?  Why should police and firefighters, and medical staff be taken away from people who need the help just so that a silly race can go on?

I read a blog earlier who is signed up for the race and will be running, however if the opportunity arrises that he can turn in his spot to donate instead that he would take it.  I think that is a good idea.  I think that would make the people of NYC a little happier.

I know that the last thing people want to hear is another NYC marathon debate, but my heart is broken and I’m frustrated at people who are more concerned about running a race rather than helping those in need.  Who are taking water from people who don’t have any.  Who are creating more of a problem when we have more important things to be worried about.

I’m hoping tomorrow to have a more upbeat blog post for you… Stay tuned. :)

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  1. This is definitely a topic that I’ve been interested in reading about, all the different opinions. I think there’s been good arguments for both sides. At the end of the day , if I’m putting myself in the spot of those families affected, I think it’d be hard to justify putting on the marathon (due to the reasons you’ve stated).

    Also, THANK YOU for the note on my coke zero addiction. It really is SO bad, but it’s great to know that you know exactly what it’s like and stopped cold turkey. It’s the perfect time right now with a new month and I’m going to try my absolute best to cut down and OUT completely.

  2. It’s just mind blowing to me that people are more concerned about a RACE than LIVES. It makes no sense!

  3. This is definitely a hotly debated topic. Marathon fever in the city has died down quite a bit. I actually signed for for a 5-K in conjunction with the NYC Marathon that’s supposed to be held on Saturday morning, but honestly, I don’t know if I’ll participate; I haven’t worked out in two days, I still don’t have power, etc. We’ll see. It will definitely be a decision I make morning-of.

  4. I tweeted at someone yesterday. I’m not running this but if I was signed up and chose to run, I would at least put my own gu and water in my running belt and hope whatever was supposed to be supplied gets donated. I’m still working from home because I can’t get in to get to the office. This should be the last thing on peoples minds.

  5. I love hearing where everyone is coming from. not being directly in it, i think it is hard for me to seem like the best informed person to go off of. I have to say though, i agree with you. I think resources could be used elsewhere

  6. This is pretty interesting… seeing as I live totally across the continent, I’m a bit removed although obviously have been watching the new coverage with horror. But I never really thought about what a controversy this would be. I can totally see your point.

  7. I live far enough from NYC that I really haven’t been inundated with this controversy. You definitely bring a really interesting perspective to the table. It’s crazy to think some people would feel that competitive. Though I’ve never been in that situation, I’d hope to have a more selfless view of the situation, even if I had trained for months!


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