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Adventures in Trapeze

I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while now.  I mentioned before that two and a half years ago I packed up my life and moved to NYC.  It was an incredibly tough decision especially because in the months before my big move my friend Rylan and I were in the midst of the greatest time of our lives.

It was a time when her and I grew incredibly close to one another.  We would spend several nights a week together working out and having dinner at her apartment while laughing hysterically over our many crazy adventures together.  We shared some memorable nights together and got ourselves into trouble on more than one occasion…When I told Rylan I was moving away, she was incredibly upset, but we soon began planning her many trips down to visit so that we could continue our crazy and ridiculous shenanigans together… Two and a half years later, Rylan finally made her first trip down.

After seeing my blog post over the summer of Ashley’s bachelorette party at iFly Trapeze she asked if we could do that during her visit. I of course said yes to and booked an appointment!If you can remember from my first experience at trapeze, I had fun, but was utterly terrified the entire time.  I learned today, that the second time around is one million times easier and a lot less scary.  

They asked me if I wanted to try new tricks, since it was my second time, but I decided to stick to the same ones and try to perfect those before I tried anything too crazy.  Plus I wanted to focus on making an amazing video using Jimmy’s GoPro camera…

A huge thanks again to iFly Trapeze School for showing us an amazing time!  Looking forward to doing it again soon!! :)

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  1. This is freaking amazing – what a cool way to hang out! I would be beyond terrified.

  2. wow! that looks crazy! I don’t think I’d ever work up the courage to do it, haha!

  3. What an awesome weekend! I moved from my best friend too 3 years ago. Now I’m back. This post reminded me of those days!! :)

  4. Unfortunately I do not share your excitement about this activity. My daughter just participated in a lesson as part of a birthday party and had an accident that ended up breaking her nose. Too risky and dangerous for children. I will never attempt to do it or recommend it to anyone!

    • I’m sorry about what happened to your daughter. Unfortunately, as with everything in life there are always risks involved. You have to approach things with caution, not be afraid of them.

      Growing up I was into gymnastics, snow boarding, rock climbing, you name it… I’ve broken my arm, ankle, dislocated my shoulder…. I’ve ended up in the hospital more times than I can count, but I love these sports and I wouldn’t give it up for anything… Certainly beats sitting on the couch afraid to try new things.

      • Thank you for the concern, but I am not planning on my daughter ‘being on the couch’, paralized because of fear. There is something call wisdom and free choice. The excitement and joy of life can come from many places other than doing extreme sports as you are used to. They are certainly your choice. I am entitled to mine.

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