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Eventful Day Off

I’m so happy I took today off from work.  It was really nice relaxing and getting things done that I didn’t get a chance to get to over the weekend.  I woke up at my usual 5am.  I really enjoy getting up early even when I don’t necessarily have to.  I’m much more productive in the morning than as the day goes on.

After my workout I did a couple of work related things, had some breakfast, caught up on a few shows that have been eating up space on the DVR, and then had some lunch.  For lunch I had left over chicken piccata that Jimmy made for lunch yesterday.  After that I started surfing the internet for an Apple Crisp recipe that I could use for some of the apples we bought over the weekend.I found a recipe on Courtney’s Website that looked fairly easy so decided to give it a try!  Overall the recipe was easy to make, minus the fact that I didn’t have an apple peeler or corer.  Those utensils would have made this recipe much easier, but other than that it was very easy to make and turned out delicious!

Last week I received a gift from ChobaniAfter I blogged about my friend Ashley’s wedding day, Chobani noticed that we enjoyed some delicious black cherry yogurt with granola for breakfast the morning of.  As a congratulations they sent Ashley and I a case of their variety pack!  I’m definitely looking forward to trying some of these flavors!!

Since I have time today, I decided to get another workout in.  I wanted to do some strength exercises and while Jimmy and I watched TV I did a series of squats and lunges in different varieties.  Now it’s time to finish up some dinner and cuddle on the couch with Jimmy!  Good night! :)

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  1. So jealous of your Chobani package, that ROCKS! Yumm. And those apples look delish girl. Nothing like the fall and fresh apples.

  2. Yay for your Chobani package!! I love their strawberry-banana flavor. I snack on apples on the daily! Love me some apple crisp!

  3. How did it turn out (the crisp?) Did you notice the nutmeg and cinnamon in it?

  4. Yay Chobani!! So good, yum. I love taking days off where the point is just to be productive, it’s such a good feeling!


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