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Keeping Active Recap

In case you missed it, on Monday I challenged myself to stand up and be active as much as possible while working at a desk job.  Now, Friday I want to recap how this worked out.

I found that it is actually pretty difficult to stay really active at a job like this, but here is how I did.

  • Opted to stand on my train commute a couple of times
  • Went for two lunch time walks
  • Went for several late afternoon quick walks
  • Stood up during a few of the meetings I attended
  • Drank lots of water- refilled from far away kitchen
  • Started petitioning for “standing” desks in our office We’ll see how this goes.

Another thing that I am trying to start is being more active when I get home from work.  Sometimes I come home and sit down and don’t get up.  I’ve been trying to be a little bit more active by moving around, cleaning up, etc.  I really love my Tuesday night gymnastics classes and I might start incorporating more after work activities into my routine.

As for my workouts this morning.  I didn’t want to run because I plan on doing a long run tomorrow morning so I spend about 20 minutes doing ab exercises.  In total I did about 200 different versions of crunches, :30 planks and side planks, :30 super man hold, and :30 reverse super man hold?  We learned it at gymnastics this week so I’m not sure what that one is called.  I tried searching for an image of it, but this is the closest one that I found, so use your imagination.  Your legs and arms don’t go as high as in the picture.

Click image for original source

Enjoy your Friday everyone!!

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  1. I try to do the same thing at work! I feel like it’s sometimes hard to fit it in/remember to do it, but hey, everything counts!

  2. I always clean as a way to move around after work!


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