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The Most Amazing Bachelorette Bash Ever

Want to know the keys to throwing the most amazing Bachelorette weekend of all time?  Here are 10 easy steps that will ensure an unforgettable weekend for the bride-to-be.
  1. Get 5 scatter brained, unorganized girls together
  2. Start planning 7-8 months in advance through an email that you accidentally leave one girl off for the first 5 months
  3. When email gets boring start a group texting conversation, but give all of the girls your wrong phone number so that they can have creepy text message conversations with a stranger, while thinking the whole time that they are talking to a (very strange) bridesmaid
  4. Throw a different idea out every single day, even multiple times a day
  5. Finally decide on a plan
  6. Day of party, completely change all plans and make new ones last minute
  7. Make awesome Ashbash2012 shirts to wear out- but forget to make one for the bride, so search every store the morning of for a “bride-to-be” pin and claim that it was the plan all along since we didn’t think she’d want to wear a shirt with her own name on it
  8. Don’t waste money hiring strippers- find random ones on the street and make them do it
  9. Do something fun like trapeze in addition to going out on the town for drinks
  10. Make sure the Bride to Be has an amazing time and that the weekend is exactly what she wanted!

This is pretty much how it all went down.  As Friday arrived and I was trying to cook up my portion of the weekend, I was incredibly nervous as to how this weekend was going to fall into place since we were changing plans and re-arranging things that day.  Surprisingly though, the weekend turned out amazing, the bride-to-be was more than happy and loved every minute of it.  I feel like we really pulled off a miracle here, but I guess spontaneous plans are always the best ones.  So here it is, the layout of the most amazing bachelorette weekend ever…aka ASHBASH2012

Ashley picked an Amazing bridal party… Just sayin’

When we asked Ash what she wanted for her bachelorette party, she said “A laid back, low key weekend.”  Knowing Ashley, we knew that things like hiring a male stripper, putting her in a tiara and bachelorette sash were not exactly up her alley (she also made this very clear to us in case we thought otherwise) ;) So, after we finished up dinner on Friday night we decided to play a little prank.  We blind folded Ashley and told her to sit on a stool.  Played some stripper music, dowsed Heather in cologne and pretended that we hired a stripper.  We had a little bit of fun with this, but then eventually took of the blindfold and revealed the real surprise:  A video quiz called The Soon to Be Mr. & Mrs. that we one of the girls worked with Mike (The Fiance) on prior to the party.  This was an adorable idea and everyone (including Ashley) loved it.  Here is how it worked:  We had Mike video tape himself asking questions and giving his answer.  We paused the video after each question to allow Ashley time to answer, then revealed Mike’s answer.  These two were obviously meant for each other because they pretty much got every answer correct! <3 After we all dried our tears from balling over this, we had her open up gifts of lingerie that each of us got her for their honeymoon.

For a girl who hates to be the center of attention, opening gifts in front of a room full of people (Even her best friends) always makes her blush, but is quite amusing to watch ;)

We continued the night drinking, telling stories, laughing and having a great time.  I think we ended up drinking a little too much because Saturday morning’s yoga plan got cancelled due to some hungover girls (Whose names shall remain anonymous).  Instead we decided the best thing would be to relax, nurse the hangovers and rest up for the planned afternoon activities.  So, we pulled up on demand and decided to rent the movie Bachelorette.  We thought it would be very fitting for the weekend and it was.  It was a cute movie about a bachelorette party gone wrong, I guess I would describe it as the girl version of the Hang Over.  I would recommend it for one of those lazy days where you just want to relax and have a good laugh with some girlfriends.

Our sweet cups for the weekend thanks to Sarah!

If you remember from yesterday’s post, our afternoon activity was flying trapeze.  We had originally planned to do yoga plus stand up paddle boarding, however when the forecast was showing 60% chance of showers for Saturday morning we decided it would be best to find an alternative indoor activity.  This was so much fun and even though it was our alternative rain plan (we didn’t realize it was actually done outside) we lucked out since the afternoon turned out to be a beautiful, picture perfect day.

Bachelorettes with with amazing iFly instructors

After flying trapeze we headed to the beach to get a couple of hours in relaxing by the ocean and having a few snacks.

When we got back from the beach we ate some dinner, popped in another movie while we all took turns showering and getting ready for the night, put on our ASHBASH2012 tank tops and hit the town.  The night was of course full of crazy antics because that’s what happens when you get a group of girls together who want to make sure their best friend has an amazing last “Single lady” night.  We met some new friends, danced, got some crazy pictures, and overall just had a blast.  Here are a few of the PG pictures I was able to find in my camera…

Me and Ashley <3 Not sure where those balloons came from though…

I’m really happy that Ashley enjoyed her bachelorette party!  I can’t wait for two weeks from now, because this wedding is definitely going to be an amazing time!  I’d also like to thank and congratulate the other bridesmaids (Heather, Melissa, Jessica, & Sarah) for putting together such an amazing weekend that I know Ashley won’t forget!

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  1. Yay looks like so much fun!

  2. Wow!! It is so exciting & amazing I’m happy for all of you ! Thanks for sharing you made me smile & had a good laughed!

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  4. This is a great recap of an awesome weekend! Thanks a ton for hosting!!!!! See you soon!!


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